Organic and Biodynamic Farming

Biodynamic agriculture is a method of organic farming that employs a holistic understanding of agricultural processes treating the farm as a closed system. By creating a less intensive and diversified balanced farm ecosystem, health and fertility are generated from within the farm itself without the need for outside inputs.

Field of cereal

In common with other organic approaches biodynamics emphasises the use of manures and compost and excludes the use of artificial chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers on both soil and plants. Through the use of crop rotations with a balance between cereals and grassland, the fertility of the soil is maintained and improved. The grassland is then able to support livestock which is a very important part of biodynamic farming completing the cycle for a balanced system.

Biodynamics also takes into account the influences of the lunar cycle when planting and harvesting crops, which is done according to the biodynamic planting calendar that indicates preferable times in order to produce the best quality crops.

Various mineral and herbal preparations are used in the compost and also sprayed on the fields to enhance the life of the soil and ultimately the quality, nutrition and flavour of the food produced